Why Tea Leaves?

Why Tea Leaves ?
So why did I choose tea leaves for my blog name? Well, first you've got to admit it's kind of catchy and it goes with Grab Tea with Yogi! We all know that tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves or tea bags.  Not surprising, it is the most widely consumed drink in the world! It can be used for medicinal purposes or just to soothe the soul.


I'm reminded of a story I heard about handling adversity.  Life is full of trials and tribulations, which are like getting thrown into a pot of boiling water. We choose how we will react.  Imagine there are three items: a potato, an egg, and a tea bag/tea leaves. The potato seems strong and unchangeable at first, but when thrown in boiling water, it becomes soft.  By being placed in a hot environment it loses its strength. We then see the egg that starts out soft on the inside and since it's hard on the outside looks like nothing would ever change it. But, by being placed in a hot environment it becomes hard.  Then lastly, the tea bag/tea leaves. Once it gets placed in boiling water it releases flavor and fragrance.  The potato and the egg let their environment change them but the tea bag/tea leaves changed the environment even under the worst of conditions.  It teaches us to be like a tea bag/tea leaves whenever we are faced with adversity. 

I'm just like you.  I have been through a lot and if I'm honest I'm still facing my challenges. But, like the tea bag (tea leaves) I am confident that any circumstance I'm faced with I will either change it or I will make a positive impact. You should make the same declaration that your environment will be made sweeter because of you!

Until next time, remember "Be the Flavor that Savors."